[Quest] Get a pet (lupo)

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[Quest] Get a pet (lupo)

Messaggio  Patatara il Lun Ago 10, 2009 3:18 pm

NPC: Martin
Locazione: Gludin Village
Livello: 15+
Reward: Wolf Collar

1. Parla con il Pet Manager Martin di Gludin village.
2. Ti chiedera' di andare nella tua citta' natale a collezionare Bloody Fangs. Ottieni 50 di queste zanne.
3. Gli animali da cacciare variano in base alla tua classe:

  • Umani - giant spiders, pokers, e bladers.
  • Orchi - kasha spiders, kasha poker spiders,e kasha blade spiders.
  • Nani - hunter tarantulas e plunder tarantulas.
  • Elfi - crimson spiders, hook spiders, e i pincer spiders.
  • Elfi Oscuri- lesser dark horrors, dark horrors, e prowlers.
4. Presi i 50 fangs,torna da Martin a Gludin.
5. Ti mandera' a parlare con:

  • Il Gatekeeper Bella a Gludio
  • La Guardia Metty di Dion
  • L'Accessory Jeweler Ellie di Giran
6. Torna da Martin a Gludin e ti fara' un test di 10 domande relative a quello che queste persone ti hanno riferito.


Q : How is a wolf's tail normally positioned?
A : It's tail is always pointing straight down.

: When the pet is killed it may be resurrected within a certain amount
of time. What is the maximum delay allowed before resurrection becomes
A : 24 hours

Q : What is the best way to train your pet?
A : When taking down a monster, always have a pet's company.

Q : How far (in kilometers) can a wolf's smell reach?
A : 2.4 km

Q : Which one of fallowing is the correct description of a wolf?
A : A grown wolf is still not as heavy as fully-grown male adult human.

Q : Which of the fallowing is not a part of the wolf's diet?
A : None of the above.

Q : Which is not a proper description of the breeding of wolves?
A : Pregnancy is nine months.

Q : The fallowing connections are made between the wolves and their habitats. Which is not correct?
A : Orc - Black Wolf

Q : What kind of wolf leads the rest when hunting in a pack?
A : Male

Q : What is the normal lifespan of a wolf in captivity?
A : 12 - 15 years

Q : What are the oldest and most primitive type of wolves found in Aden?
A : Dire Wolf

Q : Pets are very useful to their owners. Which of the fallowing is not an appropriate use of a pet?
A : Can be sent to the village to buy items.

Q : Which of the fallowing do not describe the life of a wolf?
A : A pregnant wolf makes its home in a wide open place to have its babies.

Q : The wolf is a meat-eating mammal of the canine family. Which animal among the fallowing is not a meat-eating mammal of the sanine family?
A : None of the above (There will be listed fox,jackal,raccoon,shepherd dog).

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