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[Guida]: Skill-Subclass (Eng)

Messaggio  Leviathan il Ven Ott 09, 2009 5:30 pm

Allora signori, qua abbiamo una descrizione abbastanza dettagliata delle skill sub sulla main class, il testo in inglese per ora, appena ho tempo vedo di tradurlo, cmq se qualcuno volesse farlo non mi offendo... Buona lettura!

Subclass types are categorized as follows:

  • Warrior: Warlord, Gladiator, Destroyer, Tyrant, Bounty Hunter, Warsmith, Berserker, Soul Breaker (Male), Soul Breaker (Female)

  • Rogue: Hawkeye, Silver Ranger, Phantom Ranger, Arbalester, Treasure Hunter, Plainswalker, Abyss Walker

  • Knight: Paladin, Dark Avenger, Temple Knight, Shillien Knight

  • Summoner: Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner

  • Wizard: Sorcerer, Necromancer, Spellsinger, Spellhowler

  • Healer: Bishop, Elven Elder, Shillien Elder

  • Enchanter: Prophet, Swordsinger, Bladedancer, Warcryer, Overlord, Inspector (Male), Inspector (Female)

If you have 3 subclasses it means you can apply for skills 12 times, after application, for example if my second subclass is a knight, level to lvl 75 and apply for skill, then I've chosen a knight-type application for skill and obtain a knight-type skill book, using this book you can learn a knight-type subclass skill, if you do not like the skill you've chosen you can unlearn the skill and choose from another skill from the knight-type skill list, but your "second lvl 75 subclass skill" is now set for knight-type skills, even if you remove the subclass you cannot apply for another set of skills (note: so if you removed the knight subclass and get a new subclass to lvl75, you won't be allowed to apply for skill again, although your main class can still learn and relearn the knight-type subclass skills)

Class types:

Subclasses are divided into 7 groups, the group also determines the type of transformation the main will get
Warrior: Gladiator, Warlord, Warsmith, Bounty Hunter, Destroyer, Tyrant, Soul Breaker, Berserker
Rogue: Silver Ranger, Phantom Ranger, Hawkeye, Plains Walker, Abyss Walker, Treasure Hunter, Arbalester
Knight: Temple Knight, Shillien Knight, Paladin, Dark Avenger
Summoner: Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner, Warlock
Wizard: Spellsinger, Spellhowler, Sorcerer, Necromancer
Healer: Bishop, Elven Elder, Shillien Elder
Enchanter: Prophet, Warcrier, Overlord, Sword Singer, Bladedancer

Lvl 65, 70:

The skills you can learn at these 2 levels are the same, only 4 skills are available, you can choose the same skill at both levels the effects stack, you can even learn the same skill on other subclasses, potentially making a skill learnable for 6 times.

Increase Patk:
Tested with lvl 81 character base patk 937
lvl 1 - +22
lvl 2 - +20
lvl 3 - +18
lvl 4 - +15
lvl 5 - +14
lvl 6 - +10

Increase Matk:
Tested with lvl 81 character base matk 1708

lvl 1 - +11
lvl 2 - +9
lvl 3 - +9
lvl 4 - +8
lvl 5 - +6
lvl 6 - +5

Increase Pdef:
Tested with lvl 81 character base pdef 780

lvl 1 - +9
lvl 2 - +9
lvl 3 - +8
lvl 4 - +9
lvl 5 - +9
lvl 6 - +9

Increase Mdef:
Tested with lvl 81 character base mdef 918
lvl 1 - +15
lvl 2 - +15
lvl 3 - +15
lvl 4 - +16
lvl 5 - +18
lvl 6 - +12

Lvl 75:There are many skills available at this level, regardless of whether the skill is a common skill or a class specific one, you can only choose *one* lvl 75 skill, with 3 subclasses you can choose 3 in total.

Common skills:
- Increase patk
- Increase Pdef
- Increase Matk
- Increase Mdef
- Increase Critical Rate
- Increase casting speed

- Counter Celestial: Chance of getting a 10s celestial shield when under attack
- Increase MP: Increase max MP
- Increase MP regen

- Resist magic: Increase chance to resist magic (works against normal nukes too)
- Increase Recharge rate: Increase amount of MP recharged by recharge skill
- Chance MP steal: Chance of MP being recovered when attacking

- Increase CP
- Chance Haste: Chance of increasing attack speed when attacking
- Resistance: Increase resistance against paralyse, root, sleep, trance, cancel...etc (i.e. debuffs)

- Counter .... : slightly increases patk, matk and casting speed
- Increase HP/MP: increase max hp and mp
- Resist elements: increase resistance against elemental attacks

- Counter defense: Chance of increasing pdef/mdef when under attack
- Increase HP: Increase max HP
- Resist critical damage

- Divine Protection: Increase resistance against holy and dark attacks
- Counter Heal: Chance of healing yourself when under attack
- Prayer: Increase HP recovered from heals (on self)

- Increase evasion
- Chance critical: Chance of increasing critical rate when attacking a target
- Long shot: increase bow attack range

Lvl 80

Divine transformations
The transformation type is determined by the subclass. If all 3 subclasses are different class-types you get 3 different types of transformations; but if you have a same-type subclass, you can *level up* the transformation, up to level 3 (because there are 3 max subclasses).

Skill cancellation:
If a player dislikes the skill chosen, the player can remove the skill for a fee of 10,000,000
You can only redeem a new skill not the new skill book, so if you had a knight-type skill book, after removing a knight skill you can only choose a knight skill after that.

Info on Skill Based on L2Guru (official Forum) OFFICIAL LINK



From Gracia Final (L2Guru)

Update 6/15/09 (Gracia Final Released on 23 Apr 2009) || (On Red what change in Gracia Final)

Warrior (Destro, BH, Tyrant, Glad, Warlord, SB, BZ)
Passive Greater CP Boost: +738 cp
Passive Resist Debuff
Active Chance Haste: +33% atk speed, 15 sec, 1% trigger rate per swing (out of 45951 hits only 461 procs)

Single Weapon Hits Per second = Attack Speed / 500
Dual Weapon Hits Per second = (Attack Speed * 2) / 500

Rogue (Dagger/Archer, Arb)
Passive Long Shot: +200 bow range
Passive Boost Evasion: +4 evasion
Active Chance Critical: +30% crit rate, 15 sec, 1% trigger rate per swing (out of 45951 hits only 459 procs)

Knight (Pally, DA, TK, SK)
Passive Greater HP Boost: +6%
Passive Resist Critical Damage: +3% reduction
Active Counter Boost Mdef/Pdef: +20%m/pdef, 15 sec

Summoner (Warkock, PS, ES)
Passive Boost HP/MP: +147 HP / +74 MP
Passive Resist Elements: +5 resist
Active Boost Cast Speed/ Power: +7% matk, +8% cast speed, 15 sec

Nuker (SH, SpS, Sorc, Necro)
Passive Boost Magic Resist: +5% Magic Resist Rate
Passive Boost Recharge Rate: +20 mp per recharge
Active Counter Mana Vampire: 10 mp, 3% chance (17mp w/mana gain passive)

Healer (SE, EE, Bish)
Passive Increase Self Healing: +19 HP on heals
Passive Resist Divine Elements: +5 resist
Active Counter Self Heal: +183 HP, 3% chance

Enchanter (PP, WC, BD, SwS, Inspector)
Passive Greater MP Boost: +148 MP
Passive Boost MP Regeneration: +0.5 MP/tick
Active Counter Invunerability: 5 sec, 3% chance


Great Physical Defence (+29 p.def)
Great Magic Defence (+50 m.def)
Great Physical Offence (+? p.atk)
Great Magic Offence (+29 m.atk)
Critical Rate (+30 critical)
Magic Casting (+11 cast.spd)


Additionally all Chance skills occur when the player attacks a target, all Counter skills occur when the player gets attacked by others. In both cases the chance/counter effect creates a buff that appears on the players buff bar. The buff is short lived typically around 10-30 seconds depending on what the skill is.


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