[ Quest ]: Pet Hatching ( Draghetto )

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[ Quest ]: Pet Hatching ( Draghetto )

Messaggio  Leviathan il Ven Set 12, 2008 1:50 pm

Quest Draghetto

iniziate questo viaggio andando a Giran e parlate con il Pet Manager Cooper fuori dallo luxury shop. lui vi dira' di parlare conWiiseman Cronos.

Gkappate fino allo Hunter’s Village e trovate il Wiseman Cronos piu' o meno al centro del villaggio.

Sage Cronos:
Yes, I am Cronos. I was born in the time before even your great-great grandfather. I am even older than your King! I have forgotten more than you could possibly ever comprehend. Do you understand?

selezionate : Quest.

Sage Cronos:
Let me guess. You have come for a hatchling, am I right? You should reconsider this foolish choice! It will not fight and eats like a pig. You cannot ride it, but must escort it about like it is your master. Why do you want something that will give you such trouble and heartache? I suppose you want to raise it to be a wyvern. If it were that easy, I, Cronos, would be astride one instead of sitting here talking to you!
You should not expect more from a pet than to be cute and cuddly. I don’t approve of your choice at all.

selezionate : “I will raise it with all my love!”

Sage Cronos:
How can you say that with a straight face! That makes my skin crawl! No matter how hard you try, it cannot be raised properly by those of our race. The fairies were the only ones successful at it! Why don’t you find a fairy, and babble about love. Maybe she will listen and grant your wish. Ha!

selezionate “Where can I find a fairy?”

Sage Cronos:
Such a stubborn youth! Do you only hear the words you want to hear? Fairies have been gone for centuries! In ancient times they became so disgusted with Human behavior they all flew away to another world! If you must see them, you might try looking in Enchanted Valley. You must be very careful, that place is very dangerous. If someone enters the valley off guard, they can wind up dead before they know what happened!

Selezionate “Which way to the Enchanted Valley?”

Sage Cronos:
Are you deaf? You still insist on going there even though you will surely be killed? Oh well, you were warned! Don’t blame me if you wind up dead.
Now where is that book?
You must listen carefully! Lets assume that by some miracle you survive the Enchanted Valley long enough to meet a fairy. Do you really think this fairy will listen to you and grant your request? Certainly not! The fairy will ignore you, not even bothering to laugh at your ignorance. If you wish to catch a fairy’s eye you must have a fairy stone! You cannot buy one anywhere. You must collect the ingredients and make it yourself!
There are two types of fairy stone. One is a regular fairy stone and the other is a deluxe fairy stone. The difference between them is quite mysterious, even for a wizened old sage like myself.

di seguito selezionate:
“I will make a regular fairy stone.”
“I will make a deluxe fairy stone.”

Sage Cronos vi inviera' a Dion Castle Town per parlare con Maria. (in certe NPC chat e' indicata come Marya.) riceverete da Cronos una lista di ingredienti che dovrete collezzionarenell' oridne per permettere ar Maria di craftarvi una fairy stone . la lista contienequesti oggetti:
10 pezzi di coal,
10 pezzi di charcoal,
1 D-grade gemstone,
3 silver nuggets,
10 back skins of Toad Lords.
Viaggiate verso le Cruma Marshlands e killatei Toad Lords per prendere le back skins.

Hello, traveler! Did you know that at one time Dion was considered the most beautiful place on the continent? Now, however, it has become spiritually and environmentally defiled.
The souls of the unjustly slain call out to all that can hear…Do you hear them?

selezionate Quest.

Hmm, as it is written here? A fairy stone?
…It shouldn’t be very difficult to make it according to this…I will need you to get the ingredients for me. I don’t have any of this stuff just laying around. Toad Lord back skin can be obtained by hunting Toad Lords near the Cruma Mashlands. You can purchase the other ingredients from adventurers and traders you meet.

Hmm…A fairy stone, eh?
It shouldn’t be very difficult to make…Let’s see what ingredients you have brought… Coal, charcoal… gemstones… silver and Toad Lord back skins… It’s all here! If you will wait a moment, I’ll make it now.
Gemstone with base.. Polish with silver. Umm, from this angle it seems very similar to a crystal of purity.

selezionate Wait

Almost done. Once I absorb the impurities with the Toad Lord back skin…
Alright! Finished! What a beautiful jewel! Not just physical beauty but something else…An inner power…At least it gives me a good feeling…

maria vi consegnera' una Fairy Stone.

Rtornate all' Hunter’s Village e parlate con Cronos.

Sage Cronos:
Are you kidding? You made a fairy stone? Seriously? I didn’t expect it to work! May I see it? Oh my, it is splendid! Consider how lucky you are, my young friend. A wizened old sage like myself never expected to see one with my own eyes. I wonder what you should do next?
Oh yes, I know! You have met Byron, the guard of the village…He is from here, and seems to know more than anyone about the creatures in this place. He will tell you what to do next.

parlate con la guard byron

Guard Byron:
You wish to know how to meet a Fairy? Ha, ha…There is surely more than one way, my friend! If you find out one of them, let me know…
The Fairies do not think like Humans do. One moment they seem terrified and the next they are open and friendly. But watch yourself, for just as quickly they can turn crueler than a demon…They will only show you what they want you to see.

selezionate Show fairy stone.

Guard Byron:
Hmm, what is this? Such a beautiful stone! It looks very expensive… Wait! Could it be? Oh, my…Is this a fairy stone? If you’ve got one of these, you should be able to attract a Fairy. A Fairy is barely perceptible to the human eye and will run away immediately when spoken to. But this stone will surely get a Fairy’s attention.

selezionate “Please tell me more.”

Guard Byron:
Something happened to me when I was quite young. I don’t remember it well, but…If there are still Fairies living in Enchanted Valley, they would most likely be found in the deepest part of the northern valley. If you have that fairy stone I am certain a fairy will talk to you there.

andate e cercate Fairy Mimyu (Mymyu). la trovate all'ingresso nord di Enchanted Valley.
(/target Fairy Mimyu)

Fairy Mimyu vi chiedera' di consegnarle la the Fairy Stone. Appena avutala vi chiedera' se volete un piccolo regalino (gift of gratitude). cliccate su (ask immediately).

Fairy Mimyu:
Um…! OK…Yes, I know why you have come looking for me. It’s because you want to get a hatchling, right? But that’s not such an easy thing. To obtain a hatchling, you’ve got to get the egg of a wyvern and hatch it. But if it were you and someone asked you for your egg… Ah, your race has live births? Anyway, if someone were to ask you for your child, huh? Would you do it? You wouldn’t? You wouldn’t? You wouldn’t?
Right…But since you gave me a good item, I’ll teach you something special…You don’t need only a wyvern egg. The egg of anything with scales that flies in the sky is fine. Yeah, creatures like drakes and wyrms… But recently they’ve been having their own problems and don’t really have their wits about them. But, well, you can ask them about it somehow…

selezionate “Ask about what’s happened to the drakes and wyrms.”

Fairy Mimyu:
Nearby there are drakes and wyrms looking for their lost eggs. There is evil afoot…Why would anyone steal eggs? Really….!
I know of at least five creatures who have had their eggs stolen.
The closest one to us is Drake Exarion, who lives at the top of the mountain to the west of Oren Castle.
Drake Kalibran lives at the top of another mountain southwest of Oren Castle. Two-legged races like yours typically have quite a bit of trouble climbing mountains, don’t they?
Wyrm Suzet is searching in the northwest side of Death Pass, also quite a mountainous region…
And south from there you will find Wyrm Shamhai looking for her eggs in the low western mountains s of Death Pass.
And last, Drake Zwov is in the reservoir east of Lake Iris. You shouldn’t have any problem reaching her…
All of them have lost their eggs and are quite frantic. Take this poison of monkshood with you. While deadly to your race it will quickly bring a wyrm or drake to her senses. If you stick it in the nose of one of these creatures, they will gladly do whatever you say. Now go!

andate a cercare il Drake Exarion, che vive in cima alla montagna a ovest di Oren Castle
Drake Exarion:
Greetings, two-legged creature! What brings you up this tall mountain? If you intend to kill me with that weapon, please proceed. All my eggs are lost, I am terribly heartbroken…Where have those vicious egg thieves gone? Possibly they have crossed this mountain range and got to the Elven Village…Or maybe to the Sea of Spores?…

selezionate “Quest”

Drake Exarion vi chiedera' di aiutarlo a trovare le uova perse e vi regalera' una in premio. dovrete killare i leto lizardmen warriors vicino ad Oren Castle e recuperare 20 uova. il drago prendera' il Juice of Monkshood e vi dara'lo Scale of Drake Exarion. The pattern on the scale will match the pattern on the eggs.

tornate dal Drake Exarion con le 20 uova . Come promesso il drago ve ne regalera' una . portatela dalla Fairy Mimyu alla Enchanted Valley. Parlate con lei e vi aiutera' donandovi un flauto per evocare il draghetto.

N.B. Il traghetto viene dato random tra twilight, star e wind.

Enjoy with your new hatching!

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